Week in the Life 2011 -Tuesday

Day two!

Today I started out with one theme in mind, and took a lot of pics having to do with security (in life, at work, in society…). It all got me thinking about what I spend most of my time on: my job. My day job. That felt a bit depressing, really, and I also ended up with a lot of pictures of office supplies and stacks of paper. In the end my theme got a bit scattered, but I jotted down a lot of thoughts, and these are some of the photos I really liked from the ones I took today:



This is day two in Ali Edwards’ project Week in the Life, be sure to read more about it here. I’ll be doing this for a week, and hopefully during the next week I’ll be able to put together a notebook with pictures and words I’ve collected. My post from day one can be found here.

Also, don’t miss Ali’s Tuesday post!



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  1. Jen

    @urban muser: Aw, thank you so much, and thank you for visiting :) Had a sneak peak at your blog, so many awesome shots, very inspiring! Definetly adding you to my Google Reader :)

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