Week in the Life 2011 – Wednesday

You know, it felt much tougher to take photos today than the two previous days. I can’t explain why. I’m thinking a lot about this project and how I’m documenting my days, or specifically what I’m documenting, and about the combination of photos and words. I’ve had a plan for each day as it begins, but it always turns into something else in the end. I guess one thought leads to the other and it all sort of morphs. Who knew? I’m beginning to see myself as an experiment now.

Anyway, I try to do some things continually. For instance I’ve promised myself to take at least one self portrait per day. It’s my story about a week in my life my life after, I have to be present somewhere. It’s not easy though. How does one see oneself? And how does one take oneself serious?

What began on the theme “Art” changed more into journeys and life and questions during the day. I certainly didn’t take as many photos today as yesterday, maybe about half, and today was a day when it was way easier to snap some pics with my phone rather than throw myself out there in public with my DSLR. I’m feeling rather alone and blue at work at the moment (the mates are on holiday), it seemed to reflect in the photos. Here are some from today’s crop.

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