What do you collect?

The prompt for day 5 in the creative diary was a bit of a problem for me: “Do you collect something? Make something with your collection or borrow someone else’s”.

Now: Who doesn’t collect something? And what counts as a collection? Do you collect cutlery just because you have a full set for a dinner placing? Does my books count? I have surrounded myself with large amount of books my entire life, it’s just a habit really, not a concious act of collecting them. They just… accumulate. What’s the difference between collection and accumulation? Is my box of My Little Ponies in the basement a collection? They are a large number, I won’t give them up but I am not actively getting MORE of them.

Having a collection was not the problem. I have a collection of video games,of books, stamps, pens (used to have bucket loads of different pens), wine glasses, recipes, photos, underwear, accessories, notebooks…


My problem is my habit of organizing my stuff. So, as I went about to try and do this prompt I started sorting boxes. And throwing stuff away. And moving stuff around. Which is great, but not so creative. It’s a sad thing that sorting pens or paints or the likes makes me relaxed and happy, but that’s the way it is.

At least I ended up finally re-organizing my stamps, the rubber ones with a cling mount and the acrylic ones. My old storage system used to take up a lot of space, and was a pain to take with me anywhere. Now it’s way more efficient and take hardly any space at all!


Clearly an unexpected side effect from this project…

So, any way, in the end I decided to do something with my recipe collection, and to make it simple I just added to it. I haven’t done that in a LONG while, so it felt good to finally get around to it, and not only keep a bunch of printed recipes I like in a pile.

The Scrapped Recipe Album is a thing I started many years ago, just as I discovered scrapbooking as a hobby. It was something me and my mum did together, since we both share a great love for cooking. Some recipes are almost like photos, a very clear memory. In this album I keep ordinary as well as special recipes, but only the ones I love the most, and they always have a story or memory connected to them.

This time I scrapped a recipe of how to make blinis (tiny Russian pancakes), something I made for the first time this new years eve. It was mine and Jed’s first new years in our new home, and of the 3-course dinner we scraped together this dish was the tastiest, at least in my opinion. Although I think Jed like the white chocolate panna cotta more *s*.

I left a small space for a photo, to add later. Some serving ideas are hidden under the little tag.

So, anyways, that was my Day 5 for Create 365. I hope to get some time to sort out some more recipes soon, I miss it! Over and out!

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