What happened this weekend?

Quick update since I didn’t have time to post any pics this weekend. I’ve used my camera a LOT this weekend though, so many photos to process!

Last week the temperature dropped considerably and winter hit Sweden for real. We’ve had -10 to -14 degrees (Celsius) in the mornings and I’ve bundled up in layers upon layers of snugly warm winter clothes every day, but it’s still freezing! Still, we don’t have it as bad down here in Stockholm. I’ve heard numbers like -30 and -40 up north. Yikes! So, perfect winter evenings to stay indoors and scrap, right?

The weather was gorgeous this weekend, so me and Jed took our cameras and went out for a walk in the woodland area close by. Loads of snow, crisp air and bleak winter sunshine. I brought my DSLR and Jed his grandfather’s old camera. He has a black and white roll in it now, can’t wait to see how those turned out! Anyway, we took a bunch of funny and beautiful pics, froze our butts off and then went for coffee at a local bakery. We had cake. Pretty awesome if you ask me, and a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon; perfect way to land after a week of stress and conundrums.

Also pottering on with my 365 project, maybe not as active as I would like, but definitely doing something creative every day. I haven’t done any prompts in a while though, but gone a bit rogue. I’ve taken photographs, made some cards, designed some journaling spots for a layout i want to do, did a photo layout with an old photo of some friends (a very summery one, I think I miss the warmth), and started the production of the wedding invitations for P & N. All in all, I’m pleased with last week’s creativity, but I can’t wait to sink my teeth into a bigger project. Plans plans plans…!

Anyway, I hope to have some time to add a photo or two here soon. Have a great Monday, and a great week!

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  1. Hiya Tracy!
    Yeah, we had two harsh winters in a row when we had -15-25C in Stockholm, which is way more than usual, so this winter has been so mild, I love it! AND rumours are we’ll see spring in a month. Daylight! Sunshine! Can you believe it? =)

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