When Boyfriends Craft

My boo is a very crafty and creative person, I don’t think a day has gone by when he hasn’t had a good idea. He’s just an inspiring person to be around! He is the kind of person you can explain an idea too, he’ll understand it and show an interest and then give you good feedback or more ideas. Among other things he is great with graphics, he is a great photographer, and the other day he built new shelves in all my wardrobes from scratch! So there you go, could I be boasting more? ;)

Well, the other day he said: “It’s my mum’s birthday soon, maybe we should make her a card?”. And we did! Or, HE did, I was just the assistant, really. He explained what he wanted to do and I provided means to do it. He highlighted the pattern on the paper with copper embossing powder, and added some skeleton leafs to make it more autumnal. This is the result:

I’m a proud girlfriend!

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