White Ribbon and Wedding Invitations

Happy Monday to all you happy crafters out there! Hope you had a great weekend and got to make something awesome out of pretty paper, or something beautifully messy with your inks, or that maybe you got to have a nice cup of coffee and a cupcake with your loved one while out on a shopping trip where more pretty paper was purchased. And that maybe you got to feel some lovely, early spring sunshine warming up your cheeks.

At least, that sort of sums up the weekend I had. Not too shabby!

I was busy this weekend putting the finishing touches on the wedding invitations I’m making for our friends N & P, for their woodland wedding celebration this summer. Jed helped me out by putting no less than 210 foam squares on the punched out hearts (see picture above). Yeah, the man deserves a medal! It all went splendidly! Until I ran out of some mauve card stock. And then the striped washi tape. And then the white ribbon. Cursed ribbon! I even bought extra to start with, but I must have calculated it completely wrong. We’ve taken a few quick trips to the crafting store this weekend, hehe, but we also had time for a couple of lattes and baked goods. Anyways, they’re all done now, and lovingly wrapped and cared for  and ready to get shipped to the U.K. Hoorah!

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