Who doesn’t love a frog in a tutu?

My friend Micu had he birthday last week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICU! For once I actually remembered someone’s birthday in time to sit down and make a birthday card, which is way more fun than forgetting it to the last minute, and here’s the card I made:



I think I wrote “Happy birthday” in Hungarian. I hope I did! At least that is what it is meant to say!

So for this card I opened up a stamp I have never used, because I could not find the right moment, until now. It’s the Tutu Toad from Stampendous, which I completely adore. But it’s been sitting in it’s little plastic pack all alone for way too long!

Another first was my rather unskilled try to colour in a stamped image, and I got to use the distress markers I got from Mr Boo for Christmas. Yay! They really are a lot of fun to use! I feel that me coveting them for so long was completely justified, so there.

All the papers are favourite scraps from my box of assorted and beloved bits and pieces, I can see papers form four different years on that card. Love every piece on this card!

Hope you enjoyed! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. Oh I am so flattered that not only you did remember my birthday but I have received everything on time:) and so many amazing, thoughtful gifts, you silly girl…*triple blush* I think this is the most amazing card I will ever receive in my entire life:) and yes it means “Happy Birthday” in Hungarian, how kind of you:)) I can’t believe you have never used this stamp, I feel special now *triple blush*
    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart:) You could send a mail-art letter to Eric (he has the frog project), I am sure he would love the frog stamp!!<3

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