“You & Me” – Scrapbook layout with paint and a bit of lovey dovey sillyness


A week ago us scrapbook nerds celebrated our most beloved holiday: National Scrapbook Day! Of course, even though it’s called National Scrapbook Day (NSD for short), it is celebrated all over the globe. It’s a wonderful holiday full of scrapbooking zeitgeist, community and enthusiasm, and it makes one feel a little less alone in one’s crafting room.

I made this scrapbook layout for a challenge on Shimelle Laine’s blog: Use Paint on Your Scrapbook Pages.

I love paints! They are so, so versatile! And there are so many different kinds of paint media nowadays (when I grew up, I was told you could use oil, watercolour or acrylics. Although, you should stick to the oil or watercolours, acrylics was not fancy enough). I have a whole drawer fill of various kinds of paints (mostly acrylic based, ha!), but I often completely forget about them in my die-cut-washi tape-baker’s twine-patterned paper-mist-spray-sticker frenzy. So, that’s why this challenge spoke to me; it gave me a chance to drag out mah’ paints, ya’all! 

I created this page a bit tongue-in-cheek; Mr Boo has the most exasperated look on his face, while I monkey around behind him and force him to take a photo (the lift in our building has a very good mirror for this purpose, but you have to be quick, we don’t live many floors up).

I love the fact that he is rolling his eyes and taking a deep breath, because I know that in a few seconds our roles will be different; I will be the one sighing and he wil be the one being silly and goofy, just to make me smile.

Or, which happens most of the time, we will BOTH be monkying around. It is not unheard of for us to do a slow dance in a grocery store, to the elevator-type tunes of the PA system,  or have a disco dance with a couple of pumps in a shoe shop. I swear; you can’t take us anywhere…


I used a thick, white card stock as the base, and some cheap heart stickers to do the masking (it’s the easiest trick in the book; use cheapo stickers as masking, but stick them on your sweater a couple if times to de-sticky-fy them. That way, they will come off really easy after you’ve painted over them).

I don’t know it’s very visible in the photos; but I used some pink, purple, teal and gold acrylic paint for the background. They are a tad bit metallic and shimmery – really colourful! Love those paints!

Products used on this page:

  • Papers designed by Allison Kreft. Hello, and EXCUSE me while I fangirl about her paper lines! Allison used to design for Hambly’s luscious screen prints. In fact, I think Allison WAS Hambly Screen Prints; her designs was what many people associated with Hambly. To cut a long story short: Hambly decided to close down, the scrapbook community CRIED, then the scrapbook community CHEERED and HUGGED and REJOICED when she started designing for other companies, such as Echo Park and Webster’s Pages.REJOICE! <3 (I’m not gonna lie; I will by anything made by this woman)
  • Prima Marketing – colour me confuzzled! Usually Prima is way to romantic and floral for me! (At least for my personal style layouts- they are awesome for a lot of gift projects!). But their Lifetime collection is full of doodly cuteness! To adapt that stile I also doodled some lines around the hearts, to make it more cohesive. I also used Prima’s Bingo Card stamp.May I just say how much I love the tag from the cut-apart sheet that says “Live, love, laugh & ponder”!
  • Last, but not least, the Glitz Design’s “Hello Friend” stamps… The cute “You & Me”, and the adorable potty people (see pic up top!). A red Sakura glaze pen to fill in their’ little hearts….Can you see that they are holding hands? <3

That’s it, folks! Again, this is for the LOVELY Shimelle Laine‘s challenge; she posted an astounding amount of fun challenges on NSD! Her blog is definitely a must-read, go there NAOWH and read it!

Leaving you with a close-up of the journaling. It’s a bit mushy mushy, but that’s life!


Stay safe everyone! Thank you for visiting, I hope you had a WONDERFUL weekend!

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  1. This is a lovely LO and I don’t think the journaling is mushy at all – it’s sweet and heartfelt, and I hope your partner enjoyed reading it too and made you laugh some more!

  2. Hi Jen! I found you on Instagram. My name is Stephanie Shock and I’m the senior editor for Die Cut Crazy Magazine. We are a digital only magazine currently available on the iPad, and soon to be available in other formats. I’m writing to tell you that we would love to share some of your work in our galleries. Since we are digital you will be credited, the photos will link back to the post we find them in, and you will keep all the rights to the photo as well. Please let me know if this would be okay!

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